Sunday, January 7, 2007

I had decided after completing NANOWRIO this past November that my reward would be a manicure. Well of course once I finished I told myself I was too busy catching up on other things to go have I done. So it took until a few days ago for me to break down and just do it myself while 'working' on the computer. I had never done sculpted nails before, but I have to admit "I Likey" :0)

I trimmed them down quite a bit so I can still work in them. Sculpting hasn't been attempted though and if I can't do it with them, they will have to go.

Speaking of sculpting. I don't loose things to often anymore, but when I do, BOY do I do it big! All the high resolution files of sculpting figures in polymer clay have been lost, hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. I won't go into detail, and to make a long story short I have made up my mind that for some reason I was just not meant to use those files. That it can be done better, and that starting monday morning that is exactly what will begin.

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