Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Raining Men!~

Yesterday and today has been extremely wet. But, the clouds parted long enough today for me to venture out and take a few more pics of the garden are. This time, all the moisture seems to be a good thing!

OK, technically these are still inside on my kitchen window, but let say they are 'garden material' anyway.

My pepper plants are much like men in general. Stick with me folks.... Rough, with a few 'leaves' missing, but with a woman's loving care they will hopefully bring forth good offspring.

Something has been munching on the leaves. We have an abundance of Mayflies, but the man in the house, claims it can not be them. That they only eat nectar. No idea what else it could be...... anyone have ideas?

Cherry Tomato waiting for the ran to stop so I can put her into the ground.

Potatoes are coming up in droves!

If I recall the order my pictures were taken in, these are green-bean plants coming up. A sure sign that the first ones I planted are a lost cause, as these are the latest ones added.

Seen coming up in the Watermelon/ Cantaloupe/ Pumpkin area.

Spinach folks!

One more view of the potatoes for good measure :0)

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