Friday, May 11, 2007

God does make ittle green apples! May11th Update

Even though we had all that snow after the apple tree bloomed, we still have little green apples!

The last few weeks have been rain, rain and oh did I mention...rain!? So the garden has become overtaken with weeds. I considered editing this pic so you could not see them, but I am hoping we have all been there. Anyway, these are some of the melons.

A sad pic of some of the cotton coming up. Each leaf is at least two fingers wide.

This one I have been meaning to take for a long time. e live in the house my husband grew up in with his five siblings. This is a cement base on the clothes line that they all made their hand prints in, 37-38 years ago. You can barely see my husband's, as he was only 3-4 years old and kept his fingers together. He didn't like the feel of cement between them :0)
Anyway, the potatoes are still growing well, the green beans have their first small buds on them, and the tomato plants are thriving. The only thing sad is the spinach. Something is eating away at the few that are still growing. I guess it's not to late to plant a few more once I get the weeds back under control.

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