Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will Art With Food Update

Yes, the title was intentional. :0) Below are updates on the various gains in the garden.

Above is the first 'regular tomato'. There are a few others on the lone plant, but this is the largest. Cute little sucker isn't he.

Cherry Tomato coming to life and before long I will be able pick a few. (Fingers crossed)

Cotton plants - It is the first part of July in Kansas. Honestly I had hoped they would be larger plants by now.

Speaking of larger plants. These are melons. I say melons and not a specific type because I had so few seeds of each I mixed them together. I suspect that the larger ones are Pumpkin.

To give you an idea of the size of the blooms, that is a U.S. penny on one of the petals.

The same plants Thursday, this Sunday.

Peppers are a blooming. "Ehhh a Blooming pepper". maybe I have watched too many Pirate movies?

I had hoped to see carrots coming up from seeds I planted a while back, but so far nothing. The cucumbers, and gourds are coming along steady. No sign of actual gourds or cucumbers yet, but I am sure there will be. (Is it a bad sign if I hear someone singing 'Gotta Have Faith' in my head?)

Which leads us to the next, and last pic, an empty hole in the ground.

This is where I buried some garbage scraps, next to the garden area. Obviously I did not bury them deep enough as some critter discovered his lunch. How he could have eaten that gross glob garbage is beyond me. Shudders* like the girl she truly is.

Those with gardening experience probably noticed the weeds in my garden. Well, I have come to the decision to embrace them. I have mulched with hay and obviously did not get it thick enough in certain areas, and of course I did not want to mulch right next to a plants stalk. (BTW Thank you Scott for the bale!) I am looking to get more hay to cover up the open soon as I find some. Again, I live in Kansas, so it can't be THAT difficult to find some hay.

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