Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot Garden Update

The cotton seems to be thriving, maybe it is the 105 temps?

This odd looking thing is what shows up once the bloom falls off. I am new to seeing cotton grown, but this just looks really funky.

The blooms are all a pretty soft pink.

When we moved into this house May of 2006, I dug up our miniature rose bush and put it into a glass of water. Sadly it stayed in that glass for a good year before it got planted. The weak little thing bounced back though, and is now blooming.

Pumpkins are ripening far too soon to be used for Halloween.

One type of the ornamental gourds

Cantaloupe, itty bitty and oddly enough started out a green fuzzy thing we thought was watermelon. Some disappeared last night, hoping it was raccoons and not neighbors.

Maters are filling out nicely. Cleaning them off tonight and letting them ripen inside since last group disappeared due to critters.

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