Monday, February 18, 2008

Starting Over Painting At 44

I decided today to actually sit down and paint. Not dabble, but reallllly paint. It is like starting all over again. Every so often something would click and I would feel a "Oh yeah, THAT's the way it's supposed to go".

Using acrylics I made the mistake of using some small panels that came in an oil set. I wanted to use oils, but that is another story. The panels are awful! Probably not made for acrylic, but not sure I would not use them for anything long term, no matter the medium. We are talking cheap cardboard quality.

I wish I had some stretched canvases in about 12" x 12" size range. The plan is to make some as soon as I practice a bit more and get the juices flowing. I will just use up the crappy canvas boards I have around first.

About, oh man, 6-7 years ago I would spend many hours each day out on location painting landscapes. My goal is to do that again as soon as it gets a bit warmer. By the time I feel confident enough to go out on location, it should be warm enough for me to be in the car working. Or the idea of painting out in the yard has been mentioned. We are in a rural area, and I wouldn't have to be concerned about anyone bothering me too much.

About the oils? I bought a couple of small sets online that were on clearance. When I opened them I realized there was no white paint in the set. So instead I dug out some Galleria paints I bought during the holidays at a Hobby Lobby, when in KC visiting family. LOVE them! Now I just need to teach myself how to use them all over again lol

BTW once I get something done worth sharing I will post it here.

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