Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cut Out, Cut Back, Use It Up

I don't normally watch daytime television for a couple of reasons;

1. If I am at home I am usually too busy, so better to have radio/music on
2. Most daytime TV is crap

But today I turned it on and flipped to Oprah. I have to say I was impressed. The theme was how to cut back on 'stuff'. Not only for the environment and budget, but for peace of mind. Yea I know everyone and their brother has jumped on the 'green' wagon.

Many of the things they suggested of course were things many are probably familiar with, no Styrofoam, eat left-over food and so forth...

The reason this struck a cord with me is that today I was explaining to someone how I would not be purchasing their knick-knacks because over the past couple of years we have downsized and streamlined things in many areas of our lives. Nothing comes in this house, without a specific purpose and place.

My biggest weakness continues to be books. Book sales are tough for me! But, Altered Art is no longer high on my priority list. Yes, it is a way to 'use up things' but it also was (and I see it for many) is an excuse to hoard all sorts of gadgets and things to use. I just don't want all that 'crap' around me every day.
If you are looking for a place to start cutting back and reconnecting with the 'real world', check out

..and see if you can live without your computer for 24 hours. Could be interesting.

Just a quick reminder - if you are looking to clear out books your local Public Library is often happy to benefit from your excess. Especially if you are in a small town.

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