Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sonic Java Chiller

For the next couple of days I will be at a conference, so today I am trying to tie up loose ends on a few projects around here. Finish balancing books for March, backing up files, working on some watercolors etc...To break up the time, I ran to an area Sonic and used a coupon for a .99 Java Chiller. I swear they are addictive! Hubby threatened to run around town and get everyone else's coupons from mail boxes.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny!!! I actually got a coupon in the mail and went yesterday and got the Caramel Java Chiller....Yummy!!! But I shared it with my husband and he drank the whole thing.

LOL, the reason why I found your comment is because I'm looking for coupons online for the same drinks...I'm with your husband,they are very addicting. The price for a regular size is $2.49 but it just feels good to buy it for a $1. Probably will spend full price for it today, it's worth it, very satisfying.

Phoenix, AZ.

Artist-How-To said...

I just had another on yesterday. it's a good thing I don't live closer to a Sonic, would be there every day.

Actually met manager, of the one I prefer to go to, the other day. From her reaction I think we are not alone in our addiction. LOL