Monday, May 19, 2008


Tired. Have an appointment in the a.m. with a man from the SBDC and I am not nearly as ready as I want to be. As in not ready at all. I am seriously considering calling in the morning and canceling until the next time they come through. Instead of going I could spend time work on updating my business plan and other info.

Speaking of "calling", major pet peeve alert. Don't make an appointment with me, make me drive with the price of gas the way it is, and then not bother to show. This tells me you are not serious and not to waste my time pursuing anything associated. Life is too short.

Wed is Local Art group meeting. Have lots of info to pass along concerning site etc.... Hoping a couple of 'special individuals' are able to make meeting.

Was 88 here today. Still no AC on though, by choice. Did some drawing out in the yard yesterday. Was sooooo nice and relaxing. In the old house I could not even consider doing art outside, the neighbors were so close in proximity they would inevitably stop to see what I was working on. I prefer the quiet stillness of hearing birds, not lips moving.

That being said the neighbors we do have around here are at least a block away and are more of a 'come on over' than 'let me come by' type folks. I swear I could be a hermit. Who am I kidding, I am.

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