Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Snob Whine...

I am sooo bored with sites that offer clip art 'cut-and-paste' items. These sites are everywhere! Yet, people snatch the stuff up. I relate it to the Wal-Mart mentality. Altered Art is everywhere and people now know about Altered Art now. I suppose people automatically think they can 'do art', by purchasing these items.

One site I am thinking of offers a crap load of 'stuff' for free. Of course there are a large number of items there for sale also, but for the most part the entire site is a display of cut and paste items that are slapped together by the owner. 99% of the items are a reach to be called anything more than scrapbooking.

It is as if the world has suddenly discovered these Robert Rauschenberg wannabes and everything you see is a watered down attempt to recreate his uniqueness by copying each other. Ironic.

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