Friday, March 23, 2007

Garden 2007

I haven't posted here in a long while! What have I been up to? Well, let's see.....

Doing the normal business things, website, started wiki, ETSY shop and so on and so forth.

Adjusting to not having my daughters around so much. They are growing up, at 19 and 21 they prefer time with their boyfriends to hanging out with their old mom :0)

They both dropped by last night,one to do her laundry, and the other for a ride. They both wound up staying for several hours, so twas nice. Good times, good times....

I started a garden, FYI this blog will primarily be used to record in the coming months. I do not have a tiller, and I m waiting to invest in one to be sure I will be using it. I will wait until next year at least to purchase one. This year though, a neighbor brought in is tractor and plowed and disc it for me for a small fee ($15)
It is only about 450 square feet. But, for me that is large. It is shrinking in size as I get things in the ground. The problem is I want to plant everything! So far I only have potatoes, spinach and half the green beans in the ground, and 30% of the space is used up.

The way the area looked as I begin to make a grid out of hemp rope.

A closer up shot of the good old Kansas dirt! Lots of clumps, but the area has not been tilled in at least ten years. My in-laws use to live on the property and the same area was once used for a family garden.

In order to do the pumpkin, watermelon and cucumbers I may have to dig up another area to allow for all the vining.

Another shot of part of the yard. The 'clump' seen in the upper right is what is left of a sad apple tree that was hit by lightening years ago. The goal is to clean out the dead limbs and see if there is anything left to save, and if not to replace it with another apple tree sapling.
So far I have 'declumped' (yes, that is a word....cause I said so) the soil for the 30% planted. After the long hard winter, my out of shape body was sore for many days afterwards.
This week it has been gloomy and cloudy, with just enough rain to help the weeds grow and to make it too muddy to be able to get in the space and dig them out. But, I figure if the weeds are starting to pop up though, underneath the surface my plants may also be developing.
I will go out today, if it clear enough, and take an updated pic as the ones here were shot over a week ago.

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