Friday, April 6, 2007

Freezing Temps Prep

The latest crop? Plastics.

Good use of plastic cups and 2-liter bottles.

This sad green bean, I expect, will not make it. I uncovered it to take this pic, and it appears that it has already gotten too cold. Since they are calling for 17 degrees tonight and similar lows the next, I placed extra mulch around things and made sure everything was relatively secure.

Some of the potatoes, that were covered with mulch only, did not appear well. This is not one of them. Sorry, I took a pic of the dark green damaged leaves of a plant but it was too blurry to share. In my defense the wind is blowing pretty strong and I did not want to stay out there too long. Least my own limbs turn dark green and fall off.

Closer view of my mini greenhouse affect. FYI Al Gore loves me :0)

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LoL LOVE this blog!!