Sunday, April 8, 2007

Garden on Easter

No pics today. Sorry, was too depressing to see anyway, especially on Easter.

When I came home from my day job yesterday I went directly to the garden area. It looks as if everything that was coming up... has now frozen to death. The potatoes looked as if they were going to do so well too. Maybe if I had not followed the old myth that they HAD to go out on St. Pats day? Then again, you can never tell what mother nature will do.

In the spirit of Easter, perhaps under the cover of the earth are more eyes just waiting to break forth and give life.

.....only time will tell.

I do know, that as soon as this cold snap has passed, I will be putting out green peppers and replanting my green beans.

Perhaps it was me taking to the plants as I was covering them with plastic cups and mulch??? Maybe they do not like to be called 'little dude'.

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