Sunday, July 8, 2007

Flooding Southeast Kansas and Coffeyville

Corn and other crops throughout Southeast Kansas have been left with a great deal of damage. Expect anything related to jump in price.
Corn that about ready to be harvested is now useless for anything besides compost.


On June 30th Coffeyville, Kansas withstood one of, if not the worst flood in its history. Below are images taken on July 8th, 2007. A corridor through the damaged area has been made for traffic to go through a section of the damaged community. Driving through the path you can only get a small taste of the ruins left behind.

No one is allowed into much of the eastern portion of the town, except for emergency and government personnel.
As you get into Coffeyville on 169 coming from the north you are met with flashing light and a guarded highway.
Police, National Guard, and Sheriff's officers are seen throughout, keeping people out of the restricted area.

Some of Coffeyville's finest
Look close at how high the water was, and how the truck is now sitting.
Local Refinery
'Stuff' on the side of the building is oil

Notice the top edge is darker from the oil
Markings left on homes after searching

Only a fraction of the homes involved. Two weeks ago people lived their lives in these structures.

Spots around town have been set up as post for necessary personnel.
Businesses on the west side of town are opening back up for business. Boiling water order has been lifted. Interstate Fair and Rodeo has been cancelled for 2008.

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