Thursday, July 5, 2007

LOST - All Tomatoes - Sad Art Chick

I was rather shocked when going out to check on my tomato plants when I looked down expecting to see the usual round green shapes. What I saw instead? Nothing. They are ALL gone.

We are assuming that a raccoon hit pay dirt. Fortunately for me there are still blooms on the plants so all is not lost, there still is a chance I will have my homegrown 'maters this summer. Just have to try fencing them in now. (Since I initially posted this my husband saw the culprit. It is a HUGE doe. Was 'hissing' at our dog on the other side of the garden)

After the initial shock of loosing all my tomatoes I turns and say this moth/butterfly a few feet away. Sorry it is a bit blurry, was the best I could do. It flew off right after I took this pic.

A MELON! the only one I see in my HUGE patch. Perhaps it needs fenced in too?

The lone gourd is still growing.

The cotton plants are continuing to grow taller each time I go out. Sorry no pic today, next time :0)

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