Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kansas Flood or "How Diane Spent Her Summer Vacation"

Today is my normal day off from my day job. But I considered going in when I heard that the new highway, was open to the south. BTW WHY do we still call it the NEW highway when it is over 20 years old?

Husband and I drove around during a lunch break to see how things were going. The image below is the traffic backup on the new highway. I told the day job (library) if they got busy to call, and I could probably be there in about 15 minutes. This pic obviously shows I was wrong.

The water has receded to where life is beginning to return to normal. For some that is....

Iola, KS (10 miles north of where i live in Humboldt) homes affected are labeled with either yellow or red signs. The yellow, is logically to show caution when entering. There were a large number of homes though with the red signs, as it usually is this includes a large percentage of people in low income areas.

"Keep Out Uninhabitable"

As you come into the south side of Iola there has already been a large amount of cleanup. But there are still bails of hay sitting along side the road where they were drug and left.

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