Sunday, July 1, 2007

Southeast Kansas Flooding Update

I live in Humboldt, Kansas. The population less than 2000 and is approx 30 miles from Fredonia, a town seen on the weather channel this weekend. Record breaking flooding levels in the entire region. Iola, ten miles north of us, has evacuated the south part of the community. Twelve counties declared as a state of emergency.

Word is that the water has not been this high since 1990 so below are images taken over the last 24 hours. (posted July 1, 1 pm, 2007)

This is the road on the west side of town. In a small town such as our this is a major occurrence, at one point there were even people in lawn chairs.

Another shot of the bridge west of town. There is a house on either side of this image, on either side of the street. One on the right has had water into the structure, the one on the left up to the house but not into. (Neither house is visible in the photo)

Homes on the south side of town have been flooded. These images were taken last night just before sunset. You now can not reach the road I took from.

This was taken from the overpass looking at 169 highway south of town, at about 7pm last night. Since then the water has gone over the road and it is now closed. The only way out of town is to get on 169 going north and not get off until Kansas City, 100 miles away.
This road is also now closed, image taken last night about 7 pm. It is the road you get on to get to the overpass shown in the previous image.

Can no longer get to this area either, west of town. In the distance you can see the bridge referred to in the first image.

Taken last night at about 7 pm. The bridge I stood on to take this image is no longer accessible.

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