Sunday, January 27, 2008


I haven't posted much since last Fall and I cleaned the garden up. I am looking to change that, on this blog in particular. The other blog will be used for business purposes only. Of course on it I have been posting regularly.

BTW I really don't like blogs that whine and moan, about this or that, so I want to keep the information posted her on a positive note. Although, being human I am sure some whining and moaning will sneak in :0)

The last few weeks have been spent creating pieces for the "Polymer People Torso". If I were to guesstimate I would say It would be ready in about a month. So I am shooting for a March 1st release.

It is just SOOOOO nice to be working again with the human form. I love doing mixed media, but there is just something about creating a piece based on such an amazing thing as the human body that gets my creative juices flowing.

That reminds me, I saw a wonderful episode of L.A. Ink that included the work of Shawn Barber
OMG You HAVE to see this man's work. Love it!

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