Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year - Same Cleaning

Once upon a time...I had a large studio apartment above a garage to use as my studio space.   I felt free to collect all sorts of papers, do-dads, and every art material that was ever on sale.

Then we made the smart decision to down-size.  We wanted a simpler life, knowing that with both of our daughters were about to fly the nest, a large home was not practical.  So when the chance came to move into a smaller-family-owned home we jumped at the opportunity.  After spending a great deal of time sorting, tossing and purging ourselves of excess,  we were settled into our cozy home. 

 That was almost two years ago.  This past month I began a very deep clean of our home and am still coming across many do-dads and materials that I have not used since the bid down-sizing.   It is amazing how things accumulate and seems to 'stick'.  

Controlling Creative Clutter

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