Sunday, February 3, 2008

Library Patrons and Super Bowl Sunday

I work a day job, part-time. People ask why I still have it. The funny thing is, no one associated with the day job ask. Not a week or two goes by when I don't hear someone say "I want your job". Almost every day I am surrounded by creative, inquisitive people. What could be better?

Besides it gets me out of the house and studio and around real live human beings ;0)

The little critter above was made by a patron and given to me. He was trying to find out if he could carve into Super Sculpey without cracks or breaks.

The great thing was he came in with this critter and had an entire background story made up for him, lol. Maybe someday I will tell it to you....If said patron approves.
Well today is Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!! Can I hear ya?


What, did you say??


Pass the wings!
Don't ridicule me, but I will be watching the game...just mostly for the commercials. LOL
In the vain of advent calendars and internet countdowns everywhere, my Valentine's Day Countdown has begun.


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