Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 1st Update

We have taters! I was concerned that the heavy rain we have had since St Patrick's day was too much for the potatoes, but apparently not. Approx 30% of the area where I placed them have begun to show signs of life

A tree in our yard has these weird spike things on them, year round. No idea what they are, any ideas?

The pepper seedlings are coming along and are beginning to grow their true leaves.

A wall of lilacs in our yard.

The two pics above show how HUGE this sucker is. We should have cut it back last fall, but now we will have to wait.

Beginnings of a compost pile. I raked these up after hubby mowed the other day, and have them set aside to add to a compost pile.

More buds, these are on the trees east of the garden area.

Green beans popping up :0)

And last but not least, these are blossoms on what I think is an apple tree. Beautiful blooms whatever they are!

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Margaret F. said...

The weird spiky things in your tree look like ballmoss. This is an epiphyte, not a parasite. No need to panic, in other words. Where I live (South Central Texas) the stuff is abundant, and sometimes it even grows on a telephone cable.... In high humidity or during rain it turns greenish, the rest of the time it is grey.